New Client Forms

There are a number of questionnaires that will need to be completed prior to your initial consultation with either physio or psychologist. They will help us to understand where you are at before you start the STEPP program. There are quite a few – so don’t try to sit and complete them all in one go. Please take the time to read the instructions carefully and think about your answers.

Click on the links below to take you to a web page with the document. You will need to download & save it onto your computer (eg on the desktop) so that you can fill it in electronically. Once you have saved it onto your computer, re-open it and fill in the questionnaire.  To save paper, we prefer that you email it back to us at The best way to do this so that the answers can’t be changed is to choose “print” and then from the drop down dialogue box choose “adobe pdf”  or ‘Microsoft document writer’ rather than your printer, however you can also print it out and bring it with you.




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